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225% Multi Bet Bonus

225% Multi Bet Bonus

225% Multi Bet BONUS

What are Multi Bet Bonus?

A Multi Bet Bonus is a type of bet where bettors accumulate several different events concurrently and bet them all in one go. This raises the risk of the bet, but also increases the odds by multiplying them and increasing the bonus as the number of bets on your multi bet increases.

Rule of thumb: the riskier the bet, the higher the returns.

The bonus follows the same rule of thumb. The higher the number of games, the higher the bonus we give you until you get a WHOPPING 225% bonus, only with BetKing.


Types of Multi Bets

A Multi Bet is not just multiple games on one ticket, there’s a distinction. A Multi Bet Bonus is created when you have at least four outcomes on your ticket. Two selections are called a double and three selections are called a triple.

To qualify for BetKing’s massive bonus, there are two conditions; you need to have at least 5 selections on your bet slip, and the minimum value of each odd should be at least 1.20.


Examples of Multi Bets

For this example, we’ll pick some of the midweek European fixtures that were just played.






Roma -Leicester

Roma win



Roma win

Real Madrid – Man City




Real Madrid win

Villarreal – Liverpool

Liverpool win



Liverpool win

Frankfurt – West Ham

Frankfurt win



Frankfurt win

Rangers – RB Leipzig

Rangers win



Rangers win


In the table above are results from some European games from earlier in the year. If you made this bet selection before the games, it would be a winning ticket as all those outcomes were correct.

The Bonus Calculation can be seen below; 

Total Odds * Stake = Potential Winning 

Bonus % * Potential Win = Bonus Value

Total Potential Win = Potential Win + Bonus Value

If, for example, Villarreal had pressed their early advantage to win instead of Liverpool, the ticket would be invalid because of the Liverpool loss.


How to place a Multi Bet on BetKing

Placing an Multi Bet on BetKing is quite easy. Simply:

  • Pick any sport from the left side of the BetKing home page (you can make bets from several different sports as well)
  • Select the bets you want to make and add them to the ticket.
  • Verify that the number of selections is at least 5 and that each selection has a value of at least 1.2 odds.
  • Choose an amount to bet and verify the bet.

Your Multi Bet Bonus is live!


Benefits of Multi Bets Bonus

There are several benefits you get with placing Multi Bets such as;

  • Higher odds & wins: Placing Multi Bets means you enjoy much higher odds than usual with the odds multiplier.
  • Higher bonuses: You also enjoy higher bonuses. The more bets you have on your Multi Bet selection, the higher your bonus will be.
  • Since your odds increase with a Multi Bet, you can offset the higher risk by betting less money to still win big. Several of our users have won millions by




How many selections do I need to make to qualify for the 225% bonus?

  • Answer: The minimum is 5, which gets you a 5% bonus, and the maximum is 40 which gets you a 225% bonus.

Can I make different selections from the same event from my Multi Bet?

  • Answer: No, you can’t. Making multiple selections from the same game/event is called a same game multiple. Doing that will invalidate your Multi Bet Selection.

Can I bet on more than one sport for a Multi Bet Bonus?

  • Yes, you can! You can add football selections, basketball selections, rugby selections, etc. together on your Multi Bet selection.

Can I have a Multi Bet Bonus for live bets?

  • Yes, you can. Because events change so rapidly in live betting, you’ll need to move fast so that the event doesn’t become invalid/the odds change.


Bonus Amount Table

Number of Selections Bonus Amount
5 5%
6 10%
7 15%
8 20%
9 25%
10 30%
11 35%
12 40%
13 45%
14 50%
15 55%
16 60%
17 65%
18 70%
19 75%
20 80%
21 85%
22 90%
23 95%
24 100%
25 105%
26 110%
27 115%
28 120%
29 125%
30 130%
31 135%
32 145%
33 155%
34 165%
35 175%
36 185%
37 195%
38 205%
39 215%
40 225%